morning jam xx: Cheatahs “Cut The Grass”


What’s not to love about Cheatahs? Each single they’ve released so far is pure indie rock heaven. Their sound is something to get caught up in, one perfect for soundtracking roadtrips, nights out, and overall wreaking havoc with friends and crushes. Cheatahs new single “Cut The Grass” is a perfect example. The track is no nonsense from the start, it starts out fast and loud and stays strong all the way through- taking you on an electric journey you never want to end. Unfortunately, after 2 minutes and 59 heavy seconds the track does end, but lucky for us, we can buy it and keep it on replay for as long as we want.

The new double A-sided Cheatahs single featuring “Cut The Grass” and “Kenworth” is available now for pre-order on iTunes and my favorite, Vinyl now. The vinyl will be out October 13th thanks to Wichita Recordings! Cheatahs have some shows coming up in the UK including a tour with Metz, so make sure you follow them on Songkick to find a show in a city near you!


xx Cher

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