late night listen xx: Route 94 “My Love” Feat. Jess Glynne


Late night listen tonight features new music from Route 94! “My Love” feat. Jess Glynne is available now exclusively on Annie Mac Presents 2013 on iTunes and Amazon. You can even get a signed copy by Annie here!

Annie Mac Presents was (and still is) one of my favorite albums from last year. My friend introduced me to it when I went to London for New Year’s and it was pretty much our soundtrack for the trip, and my soundtrack for long after. Annie Mac has an ability of not only finding and supporting the most incredible artists, but when she makes these compilations, she flawlessly mixes each song like they were meant for each other. Her albums are hours and hours worth of absolute dance party… whether you are having a party, working out, getting ready to go out, or even just making dinner.

These mixes get you pumped and are a must-have. For the first time, the album is available on iTunes in the US so don’t miss this opportunity to bring a dance party wherever you go, and to own this epic track by Route 94!

xx Cher

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