Har Mar Superstar is on tour and you need to get tickets now


Our writer Meghan Bucci went to see Har Mar Superstar and she’s ready to go on tour. Check out her review and watch the full concert at Union Transfer below!


Har Mar Superstar is currently on tour promoting their new EP Personal Boy. Opening up for The Afghan Whigs, Har Mar Superstar and his very rad band came through Philadelphia to treat the patrons to some tunes at Union Transfer.

Har Mar Superstar welcomed the crowd with a slow jam off of the new EP and opened with “Personal Boy”. Reflecting on the opening song choice, it seemed more obvious that the band was preparing the crowd for an hour long set of hip swinging grooves. Sporting matching outfits and choreographed dance bits, Har Mar Superstar’s band kept the crowd engaged as the set progressed with songs like “Prisoner” and “Anybody’s Game”. Once the band got to “Restless Leg”, the crowd was keeping the same beat with the band, hip-swinging and all.


From spinning microphones, twirls and timely side steps, Har Mar Superstar eventually worked the top layer of his clothing off to conclude the set. Just an added bonus that the crowd, including myself, did not mind one bit. Closing with “Lady, You Shot Me”, we were graced with the sex laden, soulful vocals that I personally had been awaiting since I listened to the 2013 album Bye Bye 17.


This was my first time hearing Har Mar Superstar live. I had gathered prior to the show, from multiple sources, that the live act was not one to miss of his. The performance exceeded my expectations and then some. A mix of R&B, soul, and pop, the performance had every person in the venue smiling and swaying to each and every song.  I can only hope that one day my hips can move as smoothly and confidently as Har Mar Superstar’s did on stage. Luckily, you can watch and re-experience the entire show here:



Highly recommend catching Har Mar Superstar while they’re still on tour with the Afghan Whigs. Here are some of the upcoming tour dates, for tickets and tour information click here:

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xx Meghan

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