PREMIERE: Watch the first episode of Philly’s Eraserhood Sessions now celebrating Philly artists!!!

eraserhood sound


We are so excited to premiere the first episode of Eraserhood Sessions, a new series by Philly-based studio Eraserhood Sound. These live performances are cut to tape and filmed at Eraserhood Sound! This is the first episode of Eraserhood Sessions which will showcase and celebrate Philly artists with more episodes due this Spring!
The first episode is a performance of “Addicted to U” a single by Max Perla’s solo project La Dante. The song dropped last November and was La Dante‘s first single released on Eraserhood Sound’s namesake record label. La Dante’s next single, “The Only Ones” is due out this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, with two more singles to follow this Spring! All of these songs were co-produced on location at Eraserhood Sound by co-owners Vincent John and Max Perla.
Check out all the local Philly Artists in the video:
Vincent John – bass
Barney Cortez – guitar
Andrew Torre of Palmas – drums
Turquoise Cobb of Dominy on vocals
Tom McKee of Let’s Danza – keyboards



xx Cher

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