Relive an Intimate Show By Field Guide

Field Guide performing at The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA on April 22, 2023. Photos by Shannon Pepe

Dylan MacDonald, musically known as Field Guide, played an intimate performance at The Foundry last weekend in Philadelphia.

The indie-rock, folk artist played a collection of songs that highlighted his vocals and lyricism. The best way to describe Field Guide‘s sound is warm and dream-like. He played a set that embodied what it feels like to be floating.

The entire show felt delicate, especially the solo acoustic portion in which he called “the bathroom break:” a tradition that formed as a chance for his band to use the restroom and take a breather. What made this performance so intimate was his communication with the crowd. Between recalling stories from the night before to humor the crowd to explaining the meaning behind songs, there was a clear element of trust shared with the audience.

You can listen to Field Guide’s music here.

Opening up the show was singer-songwriter Cece Coakley. Coakley told the audience that she dropped out of college so she could try “doing this music thing full time.” Her music spoke to the brokenhearted but even more the hopeful romantics. She sang songs off her new E.P while making sure to feature her debut single, “Cliché.”

You can listen to Cece Coakley’s music here.

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