daniel caesar: sold out @ the met

Daniel Caesar performing at The Met in Philadelphia, PA on October 19, 2023.
Photos by Shannon Pepe

The hype for Daniel Caesar in Philadelphia was evident the second we walked into The Met. The Canadian, R&B singer ended his U.S and Canada leg of the Superpowers World Tour in Philadelphia last Thursday.

The visuals for this tour were handcrafted to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing we’ve ever seen. Somehow the aesthetics took nothing away from the performance itself, that’s how good of a show Daniel Caesar put on. He began his set warming up the audience with an engaging mix of dancing and theatrical movements. Then, for the next few songs, Caesar performed behind a sheer, white curtain. The best way to describe this would be like you’re watching the show through a moody, dreamlike landscape. We’ll probably be talking about these visuals for a while.

Playing songs from his most recent album, NEVER ENOUGH, mixed in with some old favorites, Caesar delivered a performance Philadelphia will not be forgetting anytime soon. He is an artist you must see in your lifetime.

Montell Fish opened up for Daniel Caesar with one of the most angelic sets we’ve ever seen. This was our first time seeing Fish perform but you can now consider us major fans.

Montell Fish performing at The Met in Philadelphia, PA on October 19, 2023.
Photos by Shannon Pepe

Check out Daniel Caesar and Montell Fish!

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