obsessed xx: Joe Banfi “Nomads” / EP out March 4th!!!


Speechless. That’s how I felt when I first heard Joe Banfi‘s gorgeous title track “Nomads”, from his new EP out March 4th on Communion Records. Even better, the music video is just as breathtaking. Shot in black and white it is equally eerie as it is stunningly beautiful. From someone who grew up in a time where music videos were vital to selling music, and get this…actually played on MTV and VH1… I become ecstatic when my favorite artists give their music videos as much thought and time as their music. Music videos can represent the musicians art, sound, and words in a way that is unachievable to the imagination of music fan just listening, making the connection to the song even more powerful on so many levels. “Nomads” is available for digital download now and the full Nomads EP will be available for purchase on March 4th through Communion Records. Joe Banfi will be touring the UK in March, check out the tour dates below!

Joe Banfi Tour

xx Cher

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