Philly show NOT to be missed xx: Marriages and Bosnian Rainbows at First Unitarian Church tonight!!!!!


After a ton of traveling last week (which I will update you on later) I am so stoked to be back in Philly to see two of my favorite bands tonight at First Unitarian Church. Marriages released their new album Kitsune, and it is one of my favorites right now, I cannot stop listening. It reminds me of my favorite 90s grunge music with a badass chick lead singer, and I am all about girl power in rock. Their album flows together so beautifully, I am always surprised when it ends. Kitsune, has been on heavy rotation in my headphones and I cannot wait to see the songs performed live tonight at First Unitarian Church. Tickets are still on sale and only $15, go get yours now! Doors are at 8pm and the show starts at 8:30 so make sure you get there on time or you will definitely regret missing Marriages. Kitsune is out now through one of my favorite labels Sargent House, so make sure you buy your copy from your local record store!

Bosnian Rainbows
Marriages are opening for the brilliant Bosnian Rainbows ft. Omar Rodriguez (Mars Volta / At The Drive-In). Also finding home at Sargent House Records, and featuring some also stellar female vocals, Bosnian Rainbows is another band I can’t get enough of. Their new single, “Turtle Neck” makes you: 1. rethink actually wanting a turtle neck, 2. Empathizing for the immense loss of her turtle neck, 3. Someone buy this girl a new turtle neck! All jokes aside, the song is beautiful and chilling, with a sick breakdown in the middle (shit gets real) with punching drums, and insanely powerful guitars that can only come from the chemistry of playing live together. The turtle neck has never felt this emotionally compelling before. Jefferson Airplane-reminiscent vocals come in, until you are brought brought back with a gentle relaxing outro similar to the intro that originally captivates you at the start of the song. “Turtle Neck” is the first single off their upcoming debut album due out this Spring! It is going to be awesome to hear some more new tracks from Bosnian Rainbows live tonight!

I can’t wait to see two incredible bands play the same venue tonight, it is going to get really hot in that church basement! Make sure you get to First Unitarian on time to see Marriages at 8:30 and enjoy a night of getting sweaty and dancing to some brilliant rock and roll.


xx Cher

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