late night listen xx: Laura Welsh “Cold Front” // EP out July 14th!!

Laura Welsh

Talk about shadow play! This new track “Cold Front” from Laura Welsh is absolutely stunning and so is the music video. Filmed in black and white, the video begins reminiscent of Peter Pan, as shadows grab at the main character. The use of movement and light is thrilling as you wait for her to escape the many shadow distractions, as she gets caught up in some sheets, and attacked by some chalk and maybe chocolate? All of this epic imagery eventually leads to her being reunited, in color, with her love interest in a pool at the end, yet in the last seconds they still drift apart. The imagery and choreography in this music video not only brings a new life to this gorgeous song but takes the artistry of creating a music video to an entirely new level.

“Cold Front” is the title track from Laura Welsh’s new EP out June 14th in the UK. You can pre-order it on iTunes now here and get this track immediately! I hope to hear a lot more from Laura Welsh, and see many more epic music videos from her like this.

Laura Welsh will be playing in London on July 15th, get tickets here!

xx Cher

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