morning jam xx: Pixel Fix “Fall”

Pixel Fix

What is happening in Oxford? I am finding so many amazing musicians and bands surfacing from there it’s enough to pick up and move.

Take Pixel Fix for example. Their new song “Fall” from their EP by the same name (out now) has been on heavy rotation for me recently…not to mention the rest of the gorgeous EP.

A stunning mix of alternative and electronica, through their Fall Ep Pixel Fix have created a seductive, mesmerizing collection of music for our ears. In fact, it was difficult not to add all their tracks to the Mylifeinsound Makeout Mix on Soundcloud!

Pixel Fix are currently touring in Europe, to find a date near you and get tickets, click here! To follow them on Songkick click here! Check out their music video for “Fall” now and their EP below:

xx Cher

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