late night listen: HONNE “Warm On A Cold Night”


This new baby-making jam is dedicated to you Philadelphia, ’cause it’s been real cold outside. We have much more winter to get through and this song will help soundtrack your nights until Spring awakens.

“Warm On A Cold Night” is a single from soulful, megababes HONNE who I am absolutely loving right now. Check out the single below, along with my other favorites “All In The Value” and “The Night”.

The band has an upcoming show in London this February at Electrowerkz that is already SOLD OUT. If you are going, comment here and send us a ton of pics and video. Then put your phone down, enjoy the rest of the show, and make out with that babe in the audience that caught your eye.

Listen below and if you like what you hear, make sure to follow HONNE on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud!

xx Cher

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