Tennis System plays Boot & Saddle tonight!!!!!!!

tennis system
Tennis System plays Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia TONIGHT!!!!!


I’ve been waiting for this show since I saw Tennis System play SXSW. I was leaving the next morning (hours later, let’s be real) to come back to Philly and as you can imagine it had been a long week of music, partying, and a shit ton of walking, dancing, and running around. I was at an epic showcase where every band was rad but I was fading when I finally found a bench next to a small stage and three boys said hi to me with a big smile as they set up their instruments. I was planning on watching the show from that blessed free bench I found, a rare sighting at the festival. I thought it be a nice side stage view and I would finally let my legs rest. My friend found me and we were talking watching the band set up their stage in record time, which after playing a ton of shows all over Austin during SXSW, I’m sure they had reached pro status doing.

It took one chord before I was on my feet racing over to the front of the stage. Half way there I shouted back to my abandoned friend, I gotta get a closer look at this!  I was fucking spellbound. I don’t know how long they played but in my mind I never wanted it to end, I was swimming in the sea of there sound where I’d happily drown. Their music made my heart beat and knees weak. I was hooked. Their energy on stage was infectious and electric shocked me and my entire body back to life after a long week of beating it to shit. Without sleeping that night I had to make my plane and listened to their music the entire way home, devouring every album on repeat.

So when I heard Tennis System was finally coming back to Philadelphia to support Hundredth at Boot & Saddle with Spotlights and Gleemer, I was ecstatic to say the least.

Counting down the days like an advent calendar, here we are! The blessed night is upon us and starts at 7:30 at Boot & Saddle. Get your tickets at the door for only $15 and meet me at the front of the stage in a state of pure bliss.




xx Cher

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