Talk Dirty to Me: A Quickie Q&A ft. Des Rocs


Des Rocs played the Radio 104.5 Birthday Show’s Mall Chevrolet New Music Discover Stage last weekend. More impressively was frontman Danny Rocco’s insane stage energy after not sleeping for two days in a row and catching a flight in from Colorado that morning!! You can read more on that amazing performance (complete with video) here!

The Des Rocs boys were incredibly in-demand, rushing from interview-to-interview after their set, so when we caught up with them for five minutes—literally!!—Danny was actually fielding mylifeinsound’s questions while doing a photoshoot with his white Stratocaster (because he is effortlessly cool, duh).


DR: Oh, YOU?! You’re doing the interview, WAPS?

WAPS: Hell yes!

DR: Talk to me, baby! Talk dirty to me!

WAPS: …Are you…are you a Poison fan?

DR: …No. I mean, not really.

WAPS: Then slow down, Bret Michaels, slow down. Ya filthy animal.

WAPS: Your album artwork is bitchin’, who creates it?

DR: A guy in Chicago named Nicholas Pyle! He is an incredible artist; he is amazing! I found him on Instagram

WAPS: I like it because of the common vibe; like one big piece, almost. 

DR: A lot of Des Rocs is an exaggerated or Bizarro World version of myself. The artwork is very similar to that; it’s a darker, exaggerated version of everything about myself. 


WAPS: And where does the name Des Rocs come from?

DR: The name has always been in my head; I wrote a fairy tale in second grade about a monster named Des Rocs. I’ve always wanted to breathe life into this version of the Des Rocs monster. [Enter Des Rocs drummer, Tully, putting his arm around me]


WAPS [gesturing at Tully]: THIS GUY!! Is Tully or Doc involved in the songwriting for the project, or are they strictly your touring band?

DR: They’re my band, my homies, my everything. I write music mostly alone and then I bring in Tully to play drums over everything and do his magic.

Tully: I was in his wedding party.

WAPS: No shit?!

Tully: I was!

WAPS: I like how Danny’s concentration is unbroken as he’s answering my questions doing pictures. I could never do that. Jesus Christ, I’m struggling trying to watch him, listen to him and ask questions.

Tully [sliding his arm off my shoulders and backing away]: Here, use both hands.

WAPS: [raucous laughter]



WAPS: Despite only have an EP and some singles, you’ve amassed a decent following. What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced while on-tour?

DR: Anytime I look out and someone’s singing the words to a song; like, that’s cool. It’s crazy, to me anyway. [At that very moment, fans approached the backstage barrier asking Danny for photos to which he graciously agreed]

WAPS: And in touring with grandson and The Struts, if your budget was unlimited, what, if anything would you add to your stage show? I think your entire set up is great as-is.

DR: No, I’m going to add so much stuff; you have no idea. I have a whole vision for a huge show that is highly produced.

WAPS: Oh, awesome! And since you’ve been touring so much lately, what’s your favorite song to play live?

DR: I have no favorite!! Actually, I love to play them all, so my favorite changes every day, really.

WAPS: And the new one you’ve been closing shows with, “Give Me the Night,” is it?

DR: Yeah! That’s gonna come out at the end of summer.

WAPS: Great! New tunes before we know it! Will that be another stand-alone single, or one for the full-length album?

DR: I actually haven’t decided, yet. When I put something out, it’s very spur of the moment as to what it’s for.


WAPS: Lastly on touring, do you prefer festivals or club shows; why?

DR: I’d go with club shows because festivals are outside and I don’t like to play in the day time, period.

WAPS: Oh… [broadly gestures at the entire surrounding outdoor area at 3:40PM]

WAPS: I first heard your music featured in the Netflix reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (AKA: The Chaotic Adventures of Sabrina). Have you seen the show at all, or watched either series growing up?

DR: No I haven’t, actually.

WAPS: If you had the opportunity to write a song for a TV series or movie, what which one would it be?

DR: I want to write the next James Bond theme!!

WAPS: Class act—I love it! You’ve mentioned in other interviews being heavily influenced by Elvis from a young age growing up. Who are the three older musicians that have most influenced your sound and stage presence?

DR [with absolutely no hesitation, I will add]: QueenElvis and Talking Heads.

WAPS: YAAAS!! And who are three contemporary artists you admire and support; who should we be listening to?

DR [with careful consideration]: Contemporaries…hmmm… Coyle GirelliGenevieve Stokes is a brand new artist. And definitely check out… The Struts!

WAPS: Alright, solid answers! In closing, how do you feel your mission statement on Twitter, the plan of “bringin rock n roll back to the people” is going? 

DR [gestures to the barricade where more fans are screaming for Des Rocs and pics] It’s going great!

WAPS: And what’s the next phase of your plan?

DR: Just taking it one day at a time and spreading the gospel [of rock ’n’ roll] as much as I can!

WAPS: PREACH! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us today—we’ll catch you next time you’re in the area!

Speaking of “next time…” if you missed Des Rocs on the smaller stage at BB&T Pavilion last Sunday, fear! not They will be returning sooner than expected—and to a much larger stage—as direct support for The Rolling Stones Philadelphia stop at Lincoln Financial Field Tuesday, July 23!!! 

Some tickets remain, as it is a rescheduled date, but act quickly! And if you’re lucky enough to score a ticket, make sure you show up early to catch Des Rocs set; a show not to be missed.

Make sure to follow Des Rocs on social media to keep up with music, tour and more, as well on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.





All photography by our photo goddess Shannon, check out her portfolio and Instagram for more images of your favorite bands!

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