Get the Led out tonight at The Mann! Classic Albums Live performing Led Zeppelin I and II TONIGHT!!!


Fifty years ago today, on July 12th 1969, Led Zeppelin headlined the Summer Pop Festival at The Spectrum in Philadelphia. To celebrate, The Mann is hosting Classic Albums Live tonight, performing both Led Zeppelin I  and Led Zeppelin II in full!!! The show starts at 8PM and you can still get tickets now here.

A review of this epic show fifty years ago today is listed via Led Zeppelin’s archives:

Led Zeppelin headline the Summer Pop Festival, alongside acts such as Johnny Winter, Jethro Tull and Buddy Guy.

Distant Drummer review excerpt: A notice was tacked on the door of each dressing room at the Spectrum last weekend requesting that performances be kept under thirty minutes each. The explanation given was that the police commissioner, fearing a rock-inspired riot, wanted the show over by 11:45P.M. The truth was that the Spectrum management, having already dropped a bundle in the three part pop festival, didn’t want to lose another $1000 in overtime charges to the union employees, etc. The result was that in the few instances where the groups got cooking for the small crowds, the management literally forced them off the stage.

Led Zeppelin had to beg the crowd to let them off. They cited the “commissioner’s order” as the cause for the abrupt and mutually disappointing conclusion to their set. [D.D. / 7.17.69]

I mean, I get it. If I saw Led Zeppelin in the flesh, especially in 1969, I wouldn’t want them to ever stop playing either. Check out these other great news clips from Led Zeppelin’s archives:



Meet me at The Mann tonight to celebrate your love for one of the greatest band of all time!! The show starts at 8PM, get your tickets now here!

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