Songs For New Beginnings

It goes without saying that 2020 was difficult for many reasons. There was so much loss and grief surrounding us on a daily basis. It was suffocating and debilitating at times.

I lost my job on my 30th birthday around March 18th, 2020 and experienced the entire pandemic unemployed. As a result, I suffered from severe depression and anxiety and invested a lot of time questioning all aspects of my life and working on my mental health. I fought so hard to pick myself back up again and, towards what felt like the tail end of quarantine, began to dig myself out and put a new foot forward. I started to rebuild, shed layers, and change aspects of my life.

My rebuilding process felt like it was in motion when I booked a solo adventure to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. I shut my mind off and drove through the breathtakingly beautiful park listening to a playlist I made of songs that resonated with me at the time. It was through this that I began to heal and fell in love with the person I had become.

As I was leaving Joshua Tree I decided to stop in a local store, Coyote Corner, and bought myself a ring to signify this new chapter and the devotion I now had for myself. I later learned the stone is amethyst, a stone with healing properties.

Below is my healing playlist, and I hope it makes you feel a certain way too.

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