Relive the Show: Amber Mark at The Foundry

Amber Mark sold out The Foundry this wednesday night in Philadelphia for her Three Dimensions Deep Tour which wraps up in North America this weekend with three shows in Brooklyn, NY. She continues the rest of her tour in the UK and Europe starting in September.

Her early interest in dance was evident throughout the set as she moved gracefully with a magnetic energy across the stage. Amber’s presence was enchanting. She gave her all to every note of every lyric of every song, and truly commanded the room from the first song until the last encore. From the slow ballad dedicated to her mother, to a house remix of a compilation of tracks, Amber displayed a magnificent range of vocals and energy which was seamlessly matched by the passionate crowd.

She made sure to get up close and personal with fans in the front rows as she absorbed their energy belting the lyrics right along with her. One of those songs she engaged the crowd with most was her cover of “Thong Song” by Sisqo. Amber Mark displayed a deep love for her passion through her expressions both serious and joyful – an artist who knows how to have fun putting on a fantastic show.

xx Sarah

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