ALY & AJ Bring Nostalgia To The Fillmore

Aly & AJ performing at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA on April 16, 2023. Photos by Shannon Pepe

The last time Aly & AJ performed in Philadelphia they were upstairs at the Foundry. This time, they took the With Love From Tour downstairs to the Fillmore, almost tripling their audience.

Despite originally being know for their roles in hit Disney Channel movies and shows, the sister duo has always had a passion for making music. This performance proved that their bond is not only through sisterhood but music as well. Aly & AJ played a 20+ song setlist combining new and old tunes and making sure to include nostalgic hits like, “Potential Breakup Song” and “Like Whoa.”

The duo captivated the audience with stories from tour, high energy performances and lyrics of love, heartbreak. The crowd was dancing and singing their hearts out the entire show. After leaving the crowd begging for more, they came back out to perform “Blue Dress” and “6 months of Staring at the Sun” for an encore. Aly & AJ are truly in their prime.

Be sure to grab tickets for the final shows of their tour coming in September!

Words & Photos by: Shannon Pepe

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