Weezer roadtrip makes its stop in Philadelphia

Weezer performing at The Mann Center in Philadelphia, PA on June 27, 2023.
Photos by Shannon Pepe

Weezer made their way to the Mann Center in Philadelphia, PA for their Indie Rock Road Trip tour. Despite the storm that took place until just minutes before the show started, Weezer fans not only showed up, but showed up HARD for the band with nothing but positive attitudes and excitement for the performance.

Followed by the roaring of the crowd singing along to pre-show song, “Africa” by Toto, the stage lit up to reveal a car dashboard fiddling through the stations looking for the perfect song. The amazing set design made it feel like you were in the backseat letting Weezer take you long for their ride. The screen behind the band acted as the car windshield showing the POV of what you’d be seeing driving along the road. As the radio stopped tuning, the band took the stage with hit song, “My Name is Jonas.”

Weezer’s ability to create nostalgia is like no other. The band sprinkled into the set chart-topping hits like “Beverly Hills,” “Island in the Sun” and “Say It ain’t So” while still keeping the audience energy up with deep cuts. If you’ve followed Weezer throughout their career, this tour was like taking a trip down memory lane.

After tearing through about a 24 song setlist, Weezer ended with crowd favorite, “Buddy Holly.” This show practically screamed summer and we’d highly recommend checking it out!

Opening up for Weezer was Future Islands, a high energy, synth-pop band from Baltimore, Maryland. From non-stop movement and crowd interaction, their set was the perfect opening for Weezer.

Future Islands performing at The Mann Center in Philadelphia, PA on June 27, 2023.
Photos by Shannon Pepe

Unfortunately due to delays and weather, Joyce Manor‘s set was cut short and we were unable to cover it. We hope to catch them when they’re back in Philly!

Catch the Indie Rock Roadtrip tour in your city this summer!

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