G FLIP and Miki Ratsula @ The Foundry

The room was already quite full for the opening act and as soon as they started singing I understood why. Admittedly I am just discovering Miki’s music and what a joy it is to find a voice like Miki’s. Backed by a keyboard player, their music is so soft, but powerful and beautiful and honest. When they sing they completely draw the listener in. Their songs talk about topics that I’m positive everyone in the crowd has gone through, whether it’s about learning to love yourself in your body or having issues with family at home, their music transports you. 

Effortlessly they transitioned from acoustic to electronic and then mixed them together, giving their quieter acoustic sounds a heavy beat to vibe along to. 

“This is a song about being misgendered at my own birthday party” ; instant chills. They sample “it’s my party i can cry if i want to” and make it their own singing, “it’s my party i’ll be fine if i want to”. They show off their top surgery scars, much to the applause from the crowd, “Thank you for helping me become the musician I needed growing up.” 

Every song they sang had all the couples in the crowd swaying their hips with each other, with some full out dancing along to the music that vibrated through the venue. 

Someone from the crowd yelled to them during a break between songs, “Come to a gay bar with us!!” Miki paused and then responded with, “Let me finish my set… I’ll get back to you later”

I’ve never heard so many songs written for nonbinary love and life; it was so beautiful to hear. 

Their new album just dropped, definitely give it a listen, I know I have been. 

G Flip begins their show with “Some house rules,”:

“First; Don’t be a dickhead, if you want to push and shove and be a nuisance, this isn’t the show for you. Second; We love the LGBTQ+ community here. Third; If you have anxiety or depression. I’m so happy you’re here, that you made it out of the house.”
They finish off with, “I want everyone to be safe and have a bloody sexy cute awesome time” and right into the music they went. 

Starting behind their drum kit, singing their heart out, G Flip was joined on stage by their band consisting of two guitarists and a bass player. The sold out crowd instantly started dancing and singing along. 

For their song, “Rough”, G Flip was joined at the front of the stage by her guitarists as they played 4 bass drums alongside G Flip. It was such a treat to hear this song performed live with all the bass drums, as the song has such an incredible drumline throughout on the recorded version, to hear it just as dynamic live was amazing. 

Between the many of the songs, G Flip spent a good amount of time interacting with their fans in the crowd. They chatted with the crowd, signed some drumsticks and a butt; the whole venue has a merry ole time. 

Seamlessly during songs, they switch between the front of the stage and behind their drum set. As they leave their drum kit, one of their guitarists takes over for the song so they roam the front of the stage with a handheld microphone. While G Flip was accompanied by their band, that didn’t stop them from playing acoustic and electric guitar, drums, and keyboard throughout the set, showcasing just how vast their knowledge of music is and how talented they are, as if that weren’t already evident in their recorded music. 

The show, which concluded with 3 encore songs including a cover of Pony by Ginuwine during their song “Gay for Me”, ended just in time. As soon as the house lights turned on, an evacuation of the whole building was ordered. It was a great night for music lovers.

Words & Photos by: Emily Cohen

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