The Chats in Philadelphia: A Night of Unadulterated Fun and ‘Shed-Rock’ Mayhem

Words and photos by Angel Park

This past Friday evening, Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia hosted an explosive night of punk rock, with the headlining act being the Australian sensation The Chats. The crowd was excited as they eagerly awaited the chaotic energy that would ensue. Opening for The Chats were Gymshorts, The Schizophrenics, and Cosmic Psychos, each contributing their unique flair to the night.

Gymshorts, hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, kicked off the evening with a thunderous burst of energy. Their garage-punk sound was gritty and raw, setting the stage for the following mayhem. Their lead vocalist was an absolute force of nature, commanding the stage with a frenetic presence and an unapologetic attitude. The band’s short, punchy songs resonated well with the crowd, and by the end of their set, they had already won over many new fans.

Gymshorts performing at Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia, PA on October 20, 2023.
Photos by Angel Park

Next up were The Schizophrenics, a band with a distinct ’60s garage rock influence. This San Diego-based trio brought a touch of vintage rock ‘n’ roll to the lineup. The group’s lead singer was captivating, channelling the spirit of rock legends like Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger with an uninhibited stage presence. The band’s infectious riffs and wild, hair-whipping performance had the audience grooving.

The Schizophrenics performing at Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia, PA on October 20, 2023.
Photos by Angel Park

As the night progressed, the crowd’s anticipation for The Chats reached a fever pitch. Cosmic Psychos, fellow Australian punk rock veterans, delivered a raucous set that paid homage to their country’s punk rock legacy. The group’s deep, gravelly vocals and the band’s unrelenting guitar work drove the crowd into a frenzy. Cosmic Psychos‘ humorous, beer-fueled anthems, like “Nice Day to Go To the Pub” and “Better In The Shed,” had the audience chanting along, raising their cups in celebration.

Cosmic Psychos performing at Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia, PA on October 20, 2023.
Photos by Angel Park

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived as The Chats took the stage. The trio from Queensland, Australia, known for their clever and irreverent lyrics, unleashed their signature “shed rock” brand on the eager audience. Smash songs such as ‘6L GTR’, ‘Smoko,’ and ‘Out on the Street,’ among many others, had the crowd going wild. The group’s cheeky, deadpan charisma and infectious energy made for a show like no other.

The Chats performing at Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia, PA on October 20, 2023.
Photos by Angel Park

The Chats delivered a blistering performance, tearing through their catalog of punk anthems. The audience moshed, crowd-surfed, and chanted the lyrics back to the band in a frenzy of punk rock unity. The Chats’ tongue-in-cheek humor was on full display between songs as they shared amusing anecdotes and took playful jabs at themselves and the audience. The night’s highlight was their performance of “Pub Feed,” a song that perfectly captures the band’s love for Aussie pub culture. The venue erupted in a sing-along as everyone embraced the simple joy of belting out the hilarious lyrics. The Chats‘ performance was a reminder of punk rock’s power to unite people in a jubilant celebration of life’s absurdities.

In conclusion, The Chats‘ sold-out show at Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia was a night to remember. With a dynamic lineup of opening bands, each bringing unique flavor to the stage, the audience was treated to a diverse range of punk and rock sounds. The Chats themselves stole the show with their electrifying set, leaving fans exhilarated and hungry for more. It was a night of unadulterated fun, camaraderie, and punk rock mayhem and a testament to the enduring power of live music to unite people in the spirit of rebellion and good times.

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