Faye Webster and Upchuck Live in Philadelphia

Faye Webster performing at Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA on October 21, 2023.
Photos by Shannon Pepe

Indie, singer-songwriter Faye Webster hit Philadelphia for a sold-out night at Franklin Music Hall on October 21st.

Webster’s setlist was a perfectly-curated blend of her newest album, “I Know I’m Funny haha,” and some older favorites as well. We were able to experience a special moment when the crowd irrupted as Webster began to play her trending hit, “Right Side of My Neck.” Her set turned gold with floating stars lighting up the background as the crowd sang loudly over the first verse. Crowd chorus singing is one of our favorite sounds. This is an experience we won’t forget.

Opening up for Faye Webster was Upchuck. Formed in Atlanta after making connections through skateboarding, construction, and teenage delinquency, Upchuck was born. This 5 piece punk band consists of lead guitarist Mikey, Rhythm guitarist- Hoff, bassist- Armando, drummer- Chris, and lead vocalist- KT.

Upchuck is an absolute force when performing. Their latest album, “Bit the Hand That Feeds,” came out earlier this month and we were lucky enough to catch some of the songs live. Upchuck‘s lyrics often touch on topics most artists leave alone. Lead singer KT speaks of past, present, and future traumas put in place by alluding to a doomed generation within the lyrics of their songs.

Rising over the barrier multiple times to perform directly in the faces of their audience, Upchuck demands to be heard. They left the crowd on a high before leaving and sitting right off stage to watch friend and opener, Faye Webster perform her set.

Upchuck performing at Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA on October 21, 2023.
Photos by Shannon Pepe

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