Echoes of the Abyss: Bell Witch and Spirit Possession Enthrall at First Unitarian

Words & Photos by: Angel Park

Bell Witch and Spirit Possession delivered a hauntingly immersive performance at the First Unitarian venue this past Saturday, captivating the audience with their unique blend of doom metal and dark ambient music. The evening unfolded into an experience that was both chilling and mesmerizing.

Spirit Possession, the opening act, set an eerie tone with its atmospheric soundscapes. Their fusion of ethereal melodies and intense, almost ritualistic rhythms created an otherworldly atmosphere. The lead singer’s haunting vocals resonated through the venue, invoking a sense of mystique that drew the audience into their enigmatic world. The band’s command of dynamics, from delicate and ethereal to intense and brooding, showcased their musical prowess.

As the night progressed, Bell Witch took the stage, immediately casting a spell over the crowd. The sheer power of their music became evident. Their slow, resonant, and seismic sound filled the room, creating a sonic landscape that felt simultaneously ethereal and thunderous.

Bell Witch is Bassist Dylan Desmond and Drummer Jesse Shriebman
Photo by Angel Park

The emotive depth of Bell Witch‘s performance was striking. Each note seemed to linger, vibrating through the air, evoking a profound melancholy that was both beautiful and haunting. Their ability to create an immense sonic palette from seemingly sparse instrumentation was a testament to their skill and emotional depth as musicians. The intertwining melodies and guttural bass tones reverberated through the venue, leaving the audience in trance-like captivation.

The live visual accompaniments by Bobby Cochran—subtle lighting changes and projections—enhanced the atmospheric journey, adding depth to the music and amplifying the overall experience. The synergy between the music and the visuals created a multisensory journey that was as much felt as heard, intensifying the immersive nature of the performance.

The concert was a testament to the power of music in evoking emotions and painting vivid sonic landscapes. Bell Witch and Spirit Possession created an ambiance that was as emotionally stirring as it was sonically captivating. It was an evening that left a lasting impression, seeping into the depths of one’s soul long after the last note had faded into the ether. For those in attendance, it was a night where music transcended mere sound, becoming an experience that resonated on a profound, almost spiritual level.

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Listen/Purchase Bell Witch’s new album Future’s Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate here!

Album Artwork By Jordi Diaz Alamà 

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