obsessed xx: Temples “Shelter Song”


Did I just transport back to the 1960s?? I fucking hope so…no? Even better.
2013 is bringing a surge of music that transports me to eras I wish I lived or want to relive (sup 1990s!), and Temples is killing it with this 1960s reminiscent neo-psych track of dreams called “Shelter Song”. This is the debut track from the band from Kettering, England and I already hope they find a way to transport themselves to Philly soon so I can see them live.

The debut track “Shelter Song” is available now for pre-order (fittingly enough) on Heavenly Recordings here, pre-order the 7″ from Norman Records here or from Rough Trade here! I can’t wait to hear/see more from Temples this year!

xx Cheryl

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