The Spotify Playlist that changed your life.

What is the Spotify Playlist that changed your life? We all have one…and if you don’t yet you should really start exploring.

What is the Spotify playlist that changed your life? Mine is Lush Vibes. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it. I was casually strolling in and out of my housemate’s room catching up on her day and every time I came in a different song was playing, yet all had a different chill ass groove that somehow tied them all perfectly together like an episode of High Maintenance [start binging now].

“Who is this? What are you listening to?” I finally asked. Next, the moment my life changed, “That’s a playlist on Spotify called Lush Vibes.” she laughed hysterically. “I found it after I spent way too much on a Face Mask at Lush. The sales ladies were just so nice and informative.” she continued. My head was already reeling. I excused myself and went into my room to  immediately download and save the playlist forever on my phone.

I searched, there it was with “a weird picture of a guy in a jungle” as the cover art…or at least that’s how the tiny pic looked on my housemate’s phone. Who is that handsome man standing amongst the-dare I say- lush, beautiful greenery? Did he make this playlist? If so, can I be his best friend? Confidant? Assistant? The gorgeous gent is Iman Omari, an artist featured on the playlist with some of my favorite songs on the playlist including his single, “That Girl”. After getting the playlist on lock I lay in my bed and stare at the stars I was seeing with each new song and artist I discovered.

Since then, I’ve listened to Lush Vibes when I’m really happy, want to chill, am depressed, want to dance, can’t sleep, am driving, flying, going on adventures, and contemplating life. Described by Spotify as “Lush, hazy and chill instrumental hip hop by today’s future-minded beat crafters”. However you want to describe it, this playlist is the coverall playlist that no matter where I am in my life it uplifts my mood, and most importantly never gets old.

xx Cher

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