Nightmares On Wax Philly show recap // Live from Maida Vale Studios on BBCR1 tonight!!!



After five years Nightmares on Wax gifted us with new music in a big way with his gorgeous new album Shape The Future. As it’s one of my absolute favorite albums released this year, I couldn’t wait to see him bring his live band to Philadelphia at Underground Arts. Anyone there could tell you, this wasn’t just a show, this was special. This was a connecting, enlightening, and moving gathering of community through mutual love for Nightmares on Wax and music in general.


He started by welcoming us to their living room, the stage was set up with couches for the band and really made it feel like you were hanging out at your friends house show (if they were super fucking talented and iconic). Soul not cleansed yet? Chakras were balanced as Nightmares on Wax walked around the stage with a massive amount of white sage to fill the room, and the fans, with peace and tranquility… as if the music wasn’t enough.


The culmination of hearing the tracks live, especially with the featured singers and full band, the band’s connection with the fans and the room, and the crowd’s connection to the band, the music, and each other brought magic into the room.


Looking around at the completely captivated crowd (who were living for the whole show), was extremely moving. The way the music and the live experience made you feel  afterwards was next level. Simply put, Nightmares on Wax put on one of my favorite shows I’ve seen in my entire life- and if they ever play another show in my vicinity again, wherever I am in the world, I will be there. For current tour dates click here!


With that said you have an extra special opportunity to experience the show for yourself tonight when Nightmares on Wax performs live from Maida Vale for BBCR1 in London tonight! The show will take place at 7pm Philly time, click here to listen.

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Want to relive the show? Put on your Shape The Future record and check out more photos here:



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