SASAMI on our Minds: Philly can’t stop thinking about SASAMI!!!

SASAMI at PhilaMOCA by Meg Bucci
Our writer/photographer Meg Bucci went to see Rock Goddess SASAMI and we are still not over it.

SASAMI, rock goddess, came through Philadelphia to play an intimate show at PhilaMOCA. An artist to put on your “if i’m not listening to them I should be” list, SASAMI is wrapping up her first headlining tour promoting her self-titled debut album. SASAMI’s album release also happened to coincide with the start of our beloved SXSW.

SASAMI’s performance at PhilaMOCA centered around boisterous interactions on stage with her band with songs like ‘Morning Comes’ and ‘Not the Time’. Playful banter with the crowd coupled with a mid-set break to sing happy birthday to the band’s bassist, the mood was cheerful and enjoyable. In my opinion, especially after diving into the album itself pre-show,, the tail end of the set is what really pulled together the entire night for me. The shoe-gazy, bedroom rock with songs like ‘Adult Contemporary’. The encapsulating guitar synths when playing ‘Callous’ and ‘Free’. The ethereal nature of SASAMI’s voice filling the walls of PhilaMOCA. I left the show relistening to album on repeat, feeling like I was gliding on one of those airport walking belts.

SASAMI’s musical endeavors are certainly to be reckoned with. A classically trained French horn player, previously a school teacher, and former synth player for the band Cherry Glazerr, it’s no surprise that SASAMI’s debut album has been met with such praise and adornment from music fans.

The albums tracks are filled with chiming harmonies and honest fragments of sadness. ‘Callous’  is a great example of SASAMI’s deft delivery paired with bitter lyrics. The song opens with airy humming paired with a simple chord progression leading into the first verse, “I lost my callouses for you. And you didn’t even think to ask me how my day was. Now I’m leaving.” The song continues with “I couldn’t even count the number of times. That I let you in and made myself small. Even though I smile throughout it all.” This acoustic version of ‘Callous’ from SXSW sent chills down my back.

Truly a collection of heartfelt songs woven with honest takes of what seem like personal diary entries.


SASAMI’s set list from the night included:

Morning Comes

I Was a Window


Not the Time

Take Care



Adult Contemporary



Check SASAMI out. Your emotions will thank you.

xx Meg

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