Philly Loves You, Ortlieb’s! Must-have new album from Philly artists you love out now!!

Philly Loves You: Original Love Songs from Philly’s Sweethearts is the hottest gift you can give this Valentine’s Day. Featuring a collection of love songs from Philly artists including Ang Bocca, Anthony Green, Honey Tiger, Levee Drivers, and many more, all proceeds from the sale of this album go to one of my favorite Philly venues, Ortlieb’s.

For years Ortlieb’s has been a staple for curating the Philly music scene, hosting new bands from Philly and around the world for music fans to come, dance and discover new music of all genres. From live shows, to DJs, to Karaoke with Pat Pharari, there is always new music to discover at Ortlieb’s.

This past year has hurt our industry and our favorite local venues and it’s the artists and fans that are going to save our favorite spaces. This new album featuring love songs from Philly artists is the perfect gift for any music fan. Help save one of my favorite independent venues in Philly!! Let Ortlieb’s be your Valentine and buy this album and Ortlieb’s merch for all the loves in your life!

Ortlieb’s is open on Friday’s from 5pm-9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm, with food and cocktails available! For venue, menu, and ordering information visit their website here, and keep up with them on Instagram here!


1.Feel it All – Number One Lovers 02:41
2.City Wide // We Met at Ortliebs – Sean Danger Smith
3.Hold On Me – Nik Greeley and the Operators
4.Martha My Dear [The Beatles] – Anthony Green Ft. Kyle O’ Quinn of Portugal, The Man
5.Got Your Back – Brit Thomas and the Breaker Boys
6.On and On (Live at Ortlieb’s) – Kirby Sybert
7.I Hate Waiting – Ang Bocca
8.Paradise, Baby – Dominy
9.Sleeves (Live at Ortlieb’s) – Mo Lowda & The Humble
10.Pisces – Ceallaigh Manaaki (Slomo Sapiens)
11.World Wide Love – Heaven Man
12.Sweet – Liz Delise
13.Mysterium – The Lunar Year
14.Bad Egg – UgLi
15.No One’s Gonna Ever Break Your Heart – Dawn Drapes
16.Being John Mayer – Shorty Boy-Boy
17.Why (I Love You The Way I Do) – Tioga
18.Kinda Cute, Kinda Crazy – Secret American
19.Chamomile – Larlene
20.Comfortably Enough – House Plant
21.Patchwork – Honeytiger
22.Cygnus – Flatwaves
23.Wait – Cigarettes for Breakfast
24.Dire – The Warhawks
25.Knife Arms – Oolala
26.Old Hearts – Levee Drivers
27.Ready – Taylor Kelly

xx Cher

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