Currently Spinning: The Unlikely Candidates “Gemini”

The Unlikely Candidates 📸: Zach Burns

Big Donna Summer disco vibes and a fat bass line kick off The Unlikely Candidates latest single, “Gemini” and keep it bumping and pumping the entire three and a half minutes. TUC frontman Kyle Morris sings the song in a dreamy falsetto-y tone that—unless you’re familiar with the band—might not inherently recognize as The Unlikely Candidates. It’s a different direction for the band, but I’m not mad it; it’s a catchy, summery tune and makes you wanna get up and groove!!

“Gemini” single art by Oliver Takac

The lyrics—as you might guess—discuss the back-n-forth traits of the astrological sign, Gemini.

You keep me guessin’// I don’t learn my lesson// You mean what you’re sayin’// 
But your eyes are changin’// You’re in, you’re out, you’re lost, you’re found// 
I don’t know where your head is//

Ironically, the song dropped Friday; not quite a week after the actual Zodiac calendar for Gemini ended on Monday. But fear not, with this hot track, The Unlikely Candidates are making sure it’s Gemini Season all summer long!!

It’z ♊️ Szn, ya’ll. 📸: Zach Burns

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