MICKY JAMES by Skylar Watkins

Pop rock prince MICKY JAMES’s latest glam stomper, Shiver is out today and it’s been on repeat in my office. WOW, whatta great hook and catchy, upbeat melody!! The overall song is a bit reminiscent of Supergrass’s sound and a PERFECT summer bop.

Despite the cheerful melody, the song itself discusses isolation, loss and depression; all perfectly relatable feelings amidst this pandemic. Bravo for tackling mental illness and expressing how it can affect folks in various forms.

Shiver single art

The aesthetically bright, shiny video shot by Skylar Watkins (linked below) illustrates Shiver’s topic perfectly. We see MJ and his band dressed extravagantly in fluorescents at a party for… well, no one. It’s just James performing with his band. The video also follows MICKY around various locals including an empty train, a barren field and a train platform where he’s the only one there; all excellent examples of superficially presenting while being in a dark place, alone.

You can catch MICKY opening for Nick Perri at Ardmore Music Hall Thursday July 15th. It is a limited capacity, seated event, so get your tickets before they sell out here!!


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