The Backseat Lovers played a spectacular show in Philadelphia at The Foundry last night (Wednesday Dec 1st). Relive the show with words + photos by Kate Breish!

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The Backseat Lovers at The Foundry in Philly by Kate Breish

You never expect that a Wednesday night show is going to be spectacular, but this particular Wednesday night show truly was.  Just that. 

The Backseat Lovers show at The Foundry upstairs at the Fillmore was tightly packed with a deep pit of loyal fans for the young indie rock band from Utah. Fans were singing along from the very first note of the show. I was quick to realize that this is a beautiful gathering of strangers who now have a common bond with one another; because they have the shared experience of loving a piece of music so much that these lyrics are poems that will never leave your head and these same chords moved you to gather together.  This is a safe space.  A loving and inviting space, and newcomer you are so welcome to be here.

The Backseat Lovers’ sound is a beautiful mix of classic rock jams and punchy lead guitars with a bit of shoe gaze sprinkled throughout.  I was actually surprised when I listened to their album on my ride home that it’s quite a bit more shoegaze-y on the recording than how it came off live. Me? I’m easy to please.  Give me a good guitar groove and some solid rock drums and I’m sold. 

And baby, I was sold. The lead singer, Joshua Harmon, also truly brought the energy to the show, hair following just a step behind throwing his entire body into guitar solo after glorious guitar solo. It was absolutely a highlight after finishing their last song, after he dove into the crowd, making his way back to the stage by shimmying along the exposed dangling pipe that lines the industrial-designed room. I’m putting that move on my bucket list.

I was lucky enough to chat with a few folks in the crowd who were singing their hearts out and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  One of these characters had convinced his buddies who, hung over from a night of concerting at another show and full of valid excuses to have a quiet night at home instead, were wrangled into seeing The Backseat Lovers for the first time and were not regretting a second of that decision.  (I was just glad that a group of tall people rescued me and gave me a place to stand not-awkwardly.. tall people are always coming to my rescue, I love it.  Thank you to Andrew from South Jersey, you’re my hero.)

The Backseat Lovers graced the demanding crowd with an encore that ended the night on just the right note for the attendees. “Sinking Ship”, a fan favorite that did not disappoint.  I tried starting a chant for 10 more songs instead of just one, and it sort of caught on.. but they just played the one.  I won’t hold it against them though (one of these days one of these bands is going to do it!  Hah). 

The Backseat Lovers are headed back to Philly in February in case you missed them this time around, but this was only the second show of their tour so if you’re in another city on their list of stops be sure to check them out!  For tour dates and ticket information click here!

Until then you can listen to more music from The Backseat Lovers below, including a live album from the band, released this year:

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The Backseat Lovers at The Foundry upstairs at The Fillmore in Philly by Kate Breish:

The Backseat Lovers just announced they will be heading to Europe and the UK 2022! For tickets and more information click here!

xx Kate

Photos and Review by Kate Breish. Kate is a huge music fan, photographer, and lead singer of Full Bush! Follow her on Instagram here.

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