the backseat lovers: a night to remember

The Backseat Lovers performing at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA on May 31, 2023.
Photos by Shannon Pepe

The crowd has never been louder than when The Backseat Lovers appeared on the Fillmore stage. These rising stars in the industry stopped by to play an epic show in Philadelphia and we were lucky enough to attend.

The four-piece entered the stage and went right into what is known as their “Intro Jam.” This blended into “Know Your Name,” the second to last song off their newest album. The Backseat Lovers have the kind of music you can’t help but sing along to and the crowd did just that.

When the band broke out their hit song “Pool House,” it felt like venue exploded. Roars of cheering lasted the entire song. It was evident that throughout the show the band was having just as much fun as the audience.

With lyrics that hit home mixed with raw talent, The Backseat Lovers are truly just getting started.

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