Fully Alive: Daisy the Great and Half • Alive Tour AT Union Transfer

Half • Alive at Union Transfer by Jen Green

On March 8th, Half • Alive brought their tour to Philadelphia playing Union Transfer with Daisy the Great and Jen Green was there to capture the magic. Check out their tour dates here to catch them in a city near you!

Daisy the Great is an up-and-coming band that is not to be missed. This Brooklyn band opens for Half Alive this tour and sets the bar high for the night.

The band recently collabed with AJR on The Record Player Song and the crowd was so pleased to have them share the stage. This dynamic duo danced in sync, hyping the crowd up by changing instruments, and even gave us a sneak peek of a new song due out Friday, March 11.

Daisy The Great at Union Transfer by Jen Green:

Half • Alive

Half • Alive brought stage presence like I haven’t seen in a long time. They attracted many new fans from the Twenty One Pilots tour and they were ready to bring all they had to the stage.

The show opened with a taupe clothe, a single stage light, and singer Josh delicately silhouetted on the sheet. He is a beyond charismatic frontman who ties together songwriting, singing, and guitar.

The three folks danced with such expression and emotion that parallel the stage lights and depth of song lyrics.

With a beautiful red stratocaster in hand, Josh announces “Welcome to the show. Thank you for coming. You didn’t have to. Now we’re all in a room together. How special is that.”

Josh’s on-stage antics had the crowd laughing and smiling. “If you can hear me go wooooohhhoo.”

Halfway through the show Josh took a moment to tell a story and use slam poetry to deliver the lyrics. A powerful line that particularly stood out to me was “I’m seeking for something, but not settling for nothing.”

Fans for this show went above and beyond to show their excitement to the band. At one point a sea of cell phone lights opened up, but instead bright colors projected through the crowd. Fans had brought sticky notes to stick to the light 

“I’m like fully alive now,” shouted one fan.

Another member of the group walked onto the stage with a live-stream camera that projected the view onto the background. It’s a very 90’s vibe with a camcorder look featuring Josh wearing a hat and sunglasses.

“Thank you for being fully present in this moment,” says Josh.

Half • Alive is more than just a concert, it’s a living, stunning performance. If they come to your city, it’s not to be missed. 

xx Jen

Photos of Half • Alive at Union Transfer by Jen Green:

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