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One of my favorite bands, Soraia are back with a new album, Bloom and we can’t get enough. Bloom is out today, October 28th on splattered translucent and red vinyl, CD, and digitally through Wicked Cool Records. It was love at first listen when Soraia released their first single from the album, “Tight-Lipped” – the repeat-inducing rock anthem was followed with an epic music video:

After “Tight-Lipped” rocked our worlds we wanted more, and Soraia delivered. On the new album Bloom, “Tight-Lipped” follows the powerhouse opening song “Jokers, Thieves, and Liars”, a thrilling rock song you can tell immediately will be insane to experience live. Soraia is known for bringing their songs to life and electrifying every audience from headlining shows to opening for Joan Jett.

Soraia is an extraordinary, exciting, and “sure to make waves” band who I love and admire.”

-Joan Jett

Track 3 is “I Seek Fire” the second single Soraia released from this album, and the moment my ears realized this was destined to be my new favorite album. Another song I couldn’t stop listening to on repeat, and again another thrilling music video from the band that plays out like a short horror film:

Soraia gave us four out of the ten songs as singles to get to know and love from this album, it’s exciting to hear the rest of the songs for the first time. It must have been hard for the band to choose singles for this – every time I think I picked a favorite I hear the next song. Lead singer ZouZou’s anthemic, powerful, story-telling lyrics take you on a journey throughout each song, along with rich vocal harmonies with Brianna Sig- the force behind the drums, soaring guitars, and groovy bass lines that captures the high energy of their brilliant live shows and doesn’t let up throughout the album.

Soraia also released hard-rocking “Strutter” and slow-jam “Jackson’s Song” before the album release – listen above and below! Some of my other favorites from the album include “Broken Cocoon” and “She’s Already Dead” two tracks filled with attitude and anthemic lyrics.

The album ends with one of my favorite songs on the album “Mephistopheles”:

The song starts off with the bass taking us for a walk, when ZouZou’s epic vocals come in and you’re automatically hooked into the story. Slaying and soaring guitars rush in, with powerful drums that get your heart racing, and although it’s the longest song on the album it seemingly ends too soon – and that’s when I proceed to listening to it on repeat for hours, days and weeks with no regrets. The best thing about Soraia is that you can do that with every song on this album – they’re all that good.

Order your physical copies of Bloom here, and listen all other places here! Listen via Spotify below:

This album is an absolute dream and definitely one that’s going to be played on repeat by me. It’s so hard to pick a favorite track – what’s yours? I can’t wait to see Soraia execute these songs live! Soraia will be playing multiple shows around the East Coast starting with a show in Road Island on Halloween and a Bloom album release show in Philly December 10th! For tour information click here!

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