Currently Spinning: Larlene ‘Chamomile’

Your new favorite band from Philly, Larlene have released their new single ‘Chamomile’ for download for free on Bandcamp! The single originally debuted on the Philly Loves You compilation. All proceeds from the Bandcamp sales go to support of one of the best independent venues in Philly, Ortlieb’s. You can listen to and download ‘Chamomile’ on Larlene‘s Bandcamp here, and listen via Spotify below:

Larlene ‘Chamomile’ Lyrics:

saw you again 
saw you projected but you were taller 
& wanted me around 

never know if its the last time 
probably knowin that it should 
but oh my god we sure tried for all those years 
wish i could say any of this to your face 
but you sure aint here 

well, i guess its all part of that BIG OL PLAN 
but with all the dead ends i hit recently 
shit, i could sure use my friend 

i wanna be your forever girl, please, 
before you shoot me down- 
do you catch yourself askin the breeze 
how it all turns out? 

im gonna get up 
i swear soon ill go 
but i gotta say im pretty tired 
& more than just a little bit stoned 
if you feel bad baby you can walk me home 
if you feel bad baby i dont have to go 

in a letter to my future self- 
hope it all works out!

Support the band and get ‘Chamomile’ now on Bandcamp, and the Philly Loves You compilation on Bandcamp!

Listen to more from Larlene by keeping up with their Bandcamp, Spotify, and Instagram!

xx Cher

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