Queer synth-punk band Belted Sweater are playing Pharmacy in Philly tomorrow night 12/9! Doors are at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM with King Azaz, Belted Sweater, McGarnagle, and Scream Cloud. For tickets and more information click here!

“It’s like if Henry Rollins was in Boy Harsher, but with live drums and the lyrics are all about awkward Grindr hookups.  King Azaz, Scream Cloud and McGarnagle are also playing.”

Belted Sweater

Belted Sweater released their debut album, I’m Fucking Delightful, in 2020. Get your copy now via Terrible Records! Listen to it on Bandcamp above or Spotify below:

LA-based Belted Sweater was created out of heartbreak. Belted Sweater explains:

“I’ve played drums in a bunch of LA punk/math/synth/metal bands and finally decided to make a super gay solo record after a melodramatic breakup. I tracked everything myself (synths, shouting and live drums) like a moderately chubby version of late period, leather daddy Trent Reznor, channelling gay heartbreak into sweet synth riffs and shreddy drum fills.”

Belted Sweater

The new album, a mix of epic live drums, screaming vocals, and groovy synth lines will be incredible to experience live- so get to The Pharmacy tomorrow night! For tickets and more information click here!

Connect with Belted Sweater:
BandcampWebsiteInstagramTwitterTerrible Records

xx Cher

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