Relive the show: Dillon Francis and Yung Gravy at Franklin Music Hall!

Yung Gravy at Franklin Music Hall 2.10.2022 | Words + Photos by Becca Haydu

The club was going up on a Thursday with Yung Gravy and Dillon Francis at Franklin Music Hall last week!

“When I say gravy, you say train!”



Fans brought handmade signs and flags to express their adoration for Yung Gravy as they chanted this mantra. Yung Gravy‘s set was full of antics like throwing lunchables and cereal into the crowd, and donning a bathrobe and handing out roses for Valentine’s Day.

The crowd totally lost it for favorites like “Mr. Clean” and “Oops.” During his set, Yung Gravy announced that he has a new album coming after this tour, along with other new musical projects.

When shooting for a concert, photographers are usually allowed the first three songs in the pit in front of the stage. The funny thing about shooting a Dillon Francis set is that there is no telling when one song ends and the next begins. As he seamlessly transitioned from track to track, I noticed a security guard peeking at his watch to see how much time had passed. Eventually he realized what was happening, and we left the pit after a generous amount of time taking photos. The subwoofers were so loud that I could feel my entire body vibrating. It was amazing.

Dillon Francis (also known as his German alter ego DJ Hanzel) is known to transcend genres in his music. At one point he mixed “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance to “Get Low” (his song with DJ Snake, not the one by Lil Jon) to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

Dillon Francis led the crowd through a series of positive affirmations like “My contribution to society will be posting cool pictures and videos on Instagram,” and “I will be on that grind.” The meditation concluded with his own mantra, “I will not give a fuck or shit” (“IDGAFOS” is the acronym for “I Don’t Give a Fuck or Shit” and the title of his debut single released in 2011).

On February 4th of this year, Dillon Francis and Yung Gravy dropped a surprise EP together titled “Cake and Cognac.” To wrap up the party, Gravy joined Francis on stage to pop champagne and play new tracks from their EP.

Not in Philly? Catch Dillon Francis and Yung Gravy on the rest of their US tour, stopping in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida this week and keep up with new music releases here! For more shows at Franklin Music Hall in Philly, click here!

xx Becca

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice Tour Dates:

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01.14.2022 CHICAGO IL


01.18.2022 NASHVILLE TN

01.19.2022 ATLANTA GA

01.21.2022 AUSTIN TX

01.22.2022 DALLAS TX


01.26.2022 KANSAS CITY MO

01.27.2022 DENVER CO

01.29.2022 ST. LOUIS MO

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02.01.2022 CLEVELAND OH

02.03.2022 PITTSBURGH PA

02.04.2022 BROOKLYN NY

02.05.2022 BUFFALO NY


02.08.2022 BOSTON MA


02.11.2022 WASHINGTON DC

02.12.2022 RICHMOND VA

02.14.2022 NORFOLK VA

02.15.2022 CHARLOTTE NC

02.16.2022 RALEIGH NC

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