Relive the Show: Foxy Shazam (still) killin’ it at Phantom Power in Millersville!!!

Foxy Shazam rocked Phantom Power in Millersville 2/25! Photos by Jen Green

One of the best live bands was back on tour and we couldn’t miss it! Foxy Shazam stopped in Millersville, PA to play Phantom Power and our writers and photographer WAPS and Jen Green were there to capture it for all of us!

The night started off with blues guitarist Robert Findley opening; the 68-year-old and his small ensemble had the packed house rockin’ and rarin’ to go for the main event.

The house lights dimmed and one-by-one each fantastically unique Foxy member took to the stage. Bass player Trigger Warning in a disco ball-esque hood covering his features; long-haired trumpet player Alex Nauth in a sleeveless brown trenchcoat with matching gloves and white pants; keyboardist Sky White in his Jack Skellington-inspired suit jacket; Teddy Aitkins sitting cooly behind the red and white drum kit in his opened white jacket; Devin Williams in a fun Hawaiian shirt and of course, lead singer Eric Nally was last but certainly not least with his black cloak, black studded leggings and white sneakers.

As the band launched into their opening number, ‘Unstoppable,’ no one could have guessed it was their first tour in eight years. They sounded tighter than ever and blazed through hits, fan faves and treated the crowd to some wonderful new cuts off their latest release, “The Heart Behead You.”

It’s a rarity to see a band where every single member captivates you with their performance; of course we love to see it with lead singers, but watching Foxy Shazam is like watching six fleas jumping around on a hot brick stage; just fantastic showmanship all the way around.

The Millersville crowd came prepared for Nally, throwing cigarettes and lighters on stage (the frontman is infamously known for eating a mouthful of cigarettes at gigs). After lighting them up, he gave a quick speech on how he doesn’t smoke, saying, “it’s just entertainment and something that creates smoke.” Much to the crowd’s dismay, after a quick argument with himself about snacking, Nally ultimately put the cigarettes out on a towel before continuing the show.

One of best highlights of the show was not having an encore!! Foxy Shazam played through the entire set and not finished expertly in dramatic fashion with their latest single ‘Dancing with My Demons’ followed up with the deep “cut,” if you will, “The Only Way to My Heart…,” seeing Nally act out every lyric with precision and grace. I honestly thought with the crowd cheering as long and loudly as they did, there might be an encore, but alas, there was not as the lovely staff gently urged us to head out. Haha

The band’s Hidden Treasures Tour wrapped the following day with a hometown show in Cleveland, Ohio, but when they tour again, make sure to get your ass to a show and bring your dancing shoes so you can boogie on down with your demons, too!!


Dig the incredible setlist from that night below!!!

Foxy Shazam Setlist Phantom Power, Millersville, PA, USA, Hidden Treasure Tour 2022

This Valentine’s Day, Foxy Shazam gifted us with a new album- The Heart Behead You – and released a new music video for ‘Dancing with My Demons’ from the album, watch and listen below:

Foxy Shazam at Phantom Power in Millersville 2/25 – all proceeding breathtaking photos by Jen Green:

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