Relive The Show: The Backseat Lovers with Over Under At Union Transfer

The Backseat Lovers at Union Transfer on Saturday
Photos by Becca Haydu

Indie rockers Over Under and The Backseat Lovers (both from Salt Lake City) played Union Transfer this Saturday!

Over Under had just released a new track “Time To Waste” the day before. Clocking in at over six minutes, the song starts as a dreamy ballad and builds into a heavier track with an epic guitar solo.

Over Under at Union Transfer

Fans traveled from as far as Pittsburgh to catch a front row spot for The Backseat Lovers. I spoke with Bailey Miller, a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania who drove five hours to see the band. At the last show she attended, she threw a notebook on stage with a blank page that read “Draw me a tattoo.” Guitarist Jonas Swanson drew a flower with a face on the page and she actually got it tattooed on her leg!

Bailey also said, “My favorite lyric from them is from ‘Pictures’ when they say ‘You want babies, I want a table for two.'”

She was not the only one anxious for the band’s performance. Fans sang along to all the songs, most notably the encore “Sinking Ships.” Frontman Josh Harmon also signaled to a new album coming soon, highly anticipated after their 2019 release of When We Were Friends. The Backseat Lovers continue to tour the US before heading to Europe and the UK on tour, find tour dates, tickets, and information for a city near you here!

The Backseat Lovers will be back in the area to play Firefly Music Festival this September in Delaware- for tickets and more info, click here!

The Backseat Lovers by Becca Haydu

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